The Social Media Name "TGTGamer" is the way which I present myself online!


TGTGamerĀ was a social username which was created while playing as a member of “The Game Testers” community. This name stuck for the last few years and has built into the well recognized online profile it is today. You can find variations of my Social Name, so check you are playing with the real me…

What I do

I play a huge amount online in a varied selection of games. I play everything from First person shooters & RPS to Simulators. If you have heard of a game, its most likely i’v either played it or owned a version of it. I also stream on twitch and will soon start uploading to Youtube.

Who do I play with

I play with everyone and anyone, however I’m in the process of updating my “friends lists” to reduce the amount of people idle on my lists. This means, starting soon, you will have to either be an active member of my communities or a Twitch Subscriber to play with me.


Find everything your looking for about TGTGamer here!

Game List

Find my list of games which are currently within my library
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Twitch Commands

Twitch has many bots which allow custom commands. Find all my custom commands here
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Subscription Only Updates

Subscribe to TGTGamer for early release footage, subscriber only content and much more!

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TGTGaming Community

TGTGaming is a community of players which follow and game with myself on a regular basis
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Streaming on Twitch

Check out my Twitch channel with special give away’s and custom music every stream!
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Youtube Channel

My aim for 2017 is to release at least 2 videos a week to my YouTube channel…
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Gaming Profiles

Find my accounts on every platform and skip hassle of verifying each user!
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Twitch Schedule

I can’t stream every second of the day like some people, so check out my streaming schedule here
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Help me stream more often, send me a tip / donation to support the channel!
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Been busy….

February 4, 2017
Sorry for the slow updates and all. I’ve been having a great time at college...

TGTGamer’s Website has been Redesigned

January 11, 2017
I have spend a few days working on a redesign of this website. Please check...
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